Sharing to social media


May 4, 2013
We have added some new options around social media to the site today, at the moment this work for Twitter & Facebook.

If you have either a Twitter or Facebook account linked to your forum account you can automatically post any threads you create to either social network. The list of actions you can perform are
  • Share when creating a thread
  • Share when replying to a thread
  • Uploading an item to the media gallery
  • When you are awarded a trophy
The checkboxes for each action will remember their current state so you only have to choose once. If you dont want to use the system at all you can switch them off from HERE, the options are under the Social Network Sharing Options.

To link your Social Media accounts click HERE and follow the instructions. If you dont have any social media accounts linked you will not see these options.

Any problems please let us know.