Sky Go access to be removed from Xbox 360 - unless you pay more



May 4, 2013
Sky Go allows you to stream a range of live and on-demand channels as part of your Sky Subscription and is offered at no extra cost and can be used on 2 devices.

Users who use the service on your Xbox 360 will soon have their access blocked unless you subscribe to Sky's premium Sky Go Extra Service, this allows you to use 4 devices as well as download content for viewing later.

If you already subscribe to Sky Go Extra the changes will not affect you but other customers will have to pay an additional £5 per month to be able to use the service on your Xbox 360. This change will come in to effect from 29th July.

The move will also affect owners of the PlayStation 3 and 4, as Sky promised in May that it would launch Sky Go on those consoles later this summer. As with the Xbox 360, Sky subscribers wishing to access Sky Go content on the PS3 and PS4, once the company launches its apps for those devices, will also need to be signed up to the Extra package.

Source: Sky Go plans £5 monthly price hike for games consoles - Tech News - Digital Spy