Sniper Elite V2 Wii U Review


May 4, 2013
Releasing for the Wii U more than a year after it arrived on rival platforms, you’d expect that this overly tardy port for Nintendo’s dual-screened console would at least be packing some shiny new features in order to justify the wait. And you’d be wrong. Sniper Elite V2 on the Wii U is a disappointingly cut-down version of what’s been available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC since May of 2012. (Read our original Sniper Elite V2 review here.) Here, the online multiplayer modes are absent and the additional DLC content isn’t even an option. While the Nazi nut-shotting fun of the single-player game is still present and accounted for, Sniper Elite V2 is a substantially lesser package overall for Wii U fans, and that’s a real shame.

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