Sonic: Lost World – Learning From Mario Galaxy


May 4, 2013
Despite its legendary 20-plus year legacy, the Sonic the Hedgehog series has struggled to maintain a consistent track record when it comes to quality. SEGA, in an effort to find a successful formula, has experimented time and time again, moving from the series’ 2D roots to outlandish concepts involving werewolves to 3D adventures and back again. Success seemed to elude Sonic Team repeatedly… until recently.

Although several Sonic games of the past decade have struggled in numerous ways, some of the more recent entries, including Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, have been on the right track. They've been fun, and started to grapple with the fact that 3D and 2D adventures must be accommodated in unique ways. Generations even went so far as to take the same levels and approach them from both perspectives. With Sonic: Lost World, the Sonic Team is taking that design concept to the next step, blending 3D and 2D mechanics in abstract levels that more than resemble another Nintendo exclusive – Super Mario Galaxy. Derivative gameplay is sometimes frowned upon in this industry, but in the case of Lost World, this is more than welcome, and more than necessary. The development team has now been freed to think of gameplay first and worldly concepts second, and that can only mean good things for the final product.

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