Sony confirms 2.1 million PS4 Sales


May 4, 2013
Sony’s record-breaking start to this new generation of home consoles continues with Company confirming they’ve sold 2.1 million PS4’s globally since launch.

The latest PlayStation took its bow in North America on 15th November, selling over a million units within 24 hours and the extension in to 32 countries with European and Latin American launches last Friday (29 November) has seen that figure rise to over 2 million.

In the UK alone, it’s reported that Sony has sold through 250,000 units to customers, shattering previous sales records and if they can maintain the same strong form throughout the festive season, they look to be on course to be hitting their target of 5 million sales before the end of the financial year (March 2014).

In a statement on the EU PlayStation Blog, Andrew House – President and Group CEO, SCE took the time to personally thank fans “both old and new,” for the vote of confidence and promised the PS4 would evolve, throughout its lifespan, with the addition of “valuable new services and features.”

To celebrate, Sony posted up the PlayStation 4 launch night video: