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Sony FCC filing suggests new PS4 “Wireless Adapter”

More often than not, FCC filings give away special announcements. It happened with Microsoft's two new consoles and now it has happened to Sony. While Sony hasn't released any confirmation on the what the file suggests, it's more than likely coming.

An FCC certification (via DualShockers) request from Sony has revealed that Sony is working on making a wireless Bluetooth adapter, for what hasn't been detailed. However, it is being suggested that the wireless adapter will be for the PS4's DualShock 4.

It might sound weird, but this adapter might make the DualShock 4 able to connect to other devices like PCs for remote play. If the adapter isn't for the DualShock 4, then it could also be for headsets or perhaps some peripheral for the PSVR, which is due out in October.

The FCC file will be kept confidential until January 2017, which means that we will be waiting a while to see what it is for, but it does put it closer to the PSVR's release and the possible announcement of a PS4 Slim