Sony Offering Refunds After Cyberpunk 2077's Buggy PS4 Launch



May 4, 2013
After Cyberpunk 2077’s extremely buggy launch, especially so on previous-gen consoles, Sony appears to be making a rare exception and allowing refunds for the game on their consoles.

The much-anticipated release from CD Projekt RED, despite all its ambition, has been marred by bugs. PC players experience them too, but nothing on the scale of console players, especially those on the now 7-year-old PS4.

From unplayable frame rates, 720p resolution, and bizarre graphical errors, it seems that either the old consoles are simply not up to spec to run the game, or it’s just poorly optimized.

As a result, Sony are making an exception to allow refunds to be processed for the game, even after the usual grace period, according to players on Reddit who have made requests.


“PSA: Sony is issuing refunds even passed the 2 hour play time for digital games, if you file a refund claim and talk to a rep,” a post on the Cyberpunk subreddit states.

It wasn’t a straightforward process for this individual, who says they “had to file a support claim online and sit on hold for over an hour to speak with someone.” But, after doing so, Sony “were quick to issue the refund and then delete the game off my library.”

While others also managed to get a refund, after a long wait time on the phone, some have been denied instead.

One successful player said: “Spent an hour on the phone after being denied by Chatbot and I got my refund! Shout out to u/SirPanic12 for the advice on mentioning the game crashing and not being able to progress further. That’s pretty much all I had to say.”

It seemed to be a mixed bag though, of some players getting refunds and others not, in the Reddit thread.

As noted by PushSquare, the PlayStation Store doesn’t really have a refund policy, but “exceptional circumstances” will often give rise to refunds being processed. There are no guarantees that you’ll be able to get a refund, but if you’re really feeling shortchanged, then it’s always an option to try.

Either that, or simply wait until the game is inevitably fixed and patched into a more playable state on consoles.