Soon to be Console Gamer


Nov 11, 2013
Okay, that title is a little bit ... wrong. I suppose.

I've been a console gamer for years, starting out with the classic N64 has a young kid, and actually before that, the first Sega Handheld device (which, mind you, was the size of the Wii U controller, if not bigger.) I don't remember using that though, so I'll start with the N64. I moved up to the GameCube, then when I felt I didn't need to be childish about my systems much longer got the PS2.

Since the PS2 I moved to the Xbox 360, and I've had that since my 7th grade year. (2007)

However, now I'm mostly just a PC gamer, I've recently pre-ordered the PS4 in hopes it might bring some more thrill into my console gaming life. So here I am to help bring back that thrill.

I suppose this will be to help get excited about these things again.

Anyways, I'm Ryker. I come from Admin Extra, and I hope to meet you all and become acquainted very soon!