Spider Man: New suits added for free for PS4 gamers


Peter Parker’s new suits from Spider-Man: Far From Home are coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 in the form of a new free DLC pack.
As announced by the PlayStation Japan Twitter account, Peter’s Upgrade Suit and Stealth Suit will be available to players for free. It appears that they will be available today, acting as a simultaneous launch with the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie. We'll confirm the suits launch day as soon as we can.

The addition of these suits brings Marvel’s Spider-Man’s MCU suit count up to five: the original MCU Spider-Man suit, Peter’s DIY suit from before he met Tony Stark, the Iron Spider suit, and these two new Far From Home variants. Yup, that means literally every MCU Spidey is in the game, alongside the Rami suit and the Spider-Verse suit.




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