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Star Wars Battlefront II may ship without a season pass

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by creaky, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. creaky

    creaky Admin

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    Following the Star Wars Battlefront II trailer reveal earlier today, a surprising detail about the game has emerged. Talking to Mashable, the game's Creative Director Bernd Diemer has said that it will not have a season pass.

    Now, this does not mean the game will not receive any post-release DLC or expansions, on the contrary, Battlefront II's map packs could simply launch without a season pass. However, this seems the least likely scenario. Instead, per Diemer's comments, the developer is focusing on keeping the player base from splintering between premium maps, and withholding specifics, he went on to say "We have something different in mind that will allow you to play longer, be [more] invested in the game without having a fragmented community."

    The developer could be looking to follow in the footsteps of Titanfall 2's post-launch support, in which all maps and gameplay related DLC are free, with purely cosmetic add-ons available through micro-transactions.

    DICE also experimented with changes to Battlefield 1's season pass last month, unveiling Premium Friends. This new feature allowed players with a season pass to bring regular players into premium maps for free.

    There is a small caveat, however, following Diemer's comments, EA reached out to Mashable with the following statement:

    "While we’re not ready to confirm any live service plans just yet, what we can say is this we heard the feedback from our Battlefront community loud and clear. We know they want more depth, more progression, and more content. So we’re focused on delivering that in every dimension of Star Wars Battlefront II. We’ll have more to share about our plans soon."

    It seems the developer is yet to make a definite decision on its DLC plan for the Star Wars game, but considering the original's lackluster reception two years ago, most fans would agree that some changes are in order.

    Star Wars Battlefront II has a November 17 release date, and will arrive for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It will have a complete single-player campaign, space battles, and more.

    Source: Mashable
  2. kenny

    kenny Member

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    Really hope the season pass has had it's day, must be other ways they can deliver new content.
  3. agamer

    agamer Member

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    Great idea, season passes have had there day

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