Star Wars: Battlefront Sequel to Have Story and No Skirmish Content


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DICE has gotten mixed reviews about their game Star Wars: Battlefront as it was a departure from the original series, but with their new focus on a sequel, the studio has some surprising news coming from their blog.

Not only will the game feature content from multiple Star Wars eras but it will also include a single-play campaign and, straight from the blog post itself, they've confirmed that there will be "no future Skirmish content".

Initially, this sounds like missions won't be those dry, story-lacking runs that all Call of Duty games are. But what it technically means is that Skirmish mode will no longer be available. In the 2015 Battlefront, Skirmish lets you play the Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes offline via local split-screen or solo while the rest of the players are bots.

While this technically isn't what people have been asking for, it could carve a path for more story and character focused narrative. Or it could just be PR speak. It's too soon to tell, with a release date of Holiday 2017. In regards to the Battlefront sequel, DICE has said, "We look forward to sharing more with you later this year and thank you for being such a tremendous support of our work in a galaxy far, far away."

Source: Star Wars: Battlefront Sequel to Have Story and No Skirmish Content

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