Steam adds Adult Only and Mature Content filter



May 4, 2013
Valve has revealed that it has updated Steam with a bunch of new features, among which includes two new filters to improve the control users have over what content appears in their searches.

Steam does have options for filtering mature content right now, although it's limited to 'Frequent Violence/Gore' and 'Nudity/Sexual Content.' However, the update has given users two more options: Adult Only Filter and general Mature Content Filter.

The former is geared specifically for weeding out games that have explicit and/or graphic sexual content, while the Mature Filter lets you identify games that includes content such as violence and sex.
Valve has also said that it has clamped down harder on 'straight up trolling,' banning numerous developers that fall into this category.

In addition, the company is now giving you the option to filter out content by individual developers, publishers, and curators.

'We're also now requiring developers of games with violent or sexual content to describe the content of their game, and we're using that information to help you decide whether a game is something you're comfortable with. We think the context of how content is presented is important and giving a developer a place to describe and explain what's in their game gives you even more information when browsing and considering a purchase,' reads the post.

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