The Division 1.2 patch news


Jun 2, 2013
The Division 1.2 patch: new Dark Zone bracket, High End loot drops and bug fixes detailed

Ubisoft Massive has begun to detail the big changes coming in this month's 1.2 patch for The Division.

Speaking during the State of the Game Twitch Stream, the team said that the theme for patch 1.2 was “generous”. And that means better quality loot across the board, not just from one activity.

High End guns and gear will drop more often in supply drops, activities, the new Incursion, Hard and Challenge mode and across the Dark Zone.

Specifically the team said it understood the frustration with low Gear Score HE drops, and that players should expect to get the best quality items available. There's even going to be a reduction in High End Performance Mods, possibly the most disappointing loot drop in the game.

The team is also adding a third Dark Zone bracket for players with a DZ Rank of 200 and above. It's in that bracket that loot with a Gear Score of 204 to 240 will drop. Any Division Tech loot that drops in the new bracket will only be High End.

As the Dark Zone bracket increases, so will the challenge. NPC enemies within the new bracket will be level 32 – 34.

The developers added that although it had increased the quantity of loot dropping since the 1.1 patch, it realised it hadn't improved the quality of that loot. This patch hopes to address that.

The developers went so far as to state that in this patch there will be “no nerfs in this balancing. It's all buffing.”

It also gave some indication of the bugs that will be fixed with patch 1.2.

The One Is None and Reckless bugs will be fixed, as will instances of mission doors not opening and Base of Operations wings not unlocking.