The Hypnotizing Beauty of Hohokum


May 4, 2013
E3 is a show about spectacle. In a year with two major console launches, it wasn’t hard to find dozens of great looking games littered across the massive Los Angeles Convention Center showing off their incredible lifelike graphics, realistic characters, new motion capture technology or dynamic lighting. But even among these technical powerhouses, a simple, colorful game called Hohokum in Sony’s booth is one of very few I’d describe as “beautiful,” and the one I find myself thinking about most as I leave the show floor.

Hohokum is headed to PS3, PS4 and Vita and comes from Frobisher Says! developer Honeyslug Games. It's developed in collaboration with graphic artist Richard Hogg and unlike most games, there’s no score, no time limit, and no tutorial. Instead, Hohokum is simply about the beauty of exploring.

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