The PlayStation 5 could make its debut by the end of 2019 according to analyst


If a new report by Hideki Yasuda of Ace Economic Research Institute is to be believed, we could see the PlayStation 5 make an appearance by the end of next year. The prediction lines up with previous reports that circulated in May this year when PlayStation CEO, John Kodera, announced that the PS4 was entering the final phase of its life cycle.

The report did also make note that hardware availability could hinder Sony’s ability to produce enough consoles right away. The report states that Murata Manufacturing and TDK have expressed their concern of the demand of monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC). MLCCs are currently in high demand because they are key components in 5G smartphones and cars.

Hopefully, in the course of the next year, Sony manages to secure itself enough MLCCs to build enough PlayStation 5 devices; if it does accomplish this and keeps the release date within 2019, we could see the new hardware shown off at next year’s premier gaming event, E3.

There’s no doubt the PlayStation 5 will be a success if it performs like previous iterations. Sony announced earlier this month that it had sold a massive 500 million PlayStation systems worldwide over the past 24 years since the introduction of the brand.

Source:The PlayStation 5 could make its debut by the end of 2019 according to analyst

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