The strange origins of Flashback


May 4, 2013

In the 90s, Delphine Studio was a developer defined by two brilliant Frenchmen. On the one side there was Eric Chahi, whose Another World was a game marked by dense, surreal imagery. It was Jodorowsky played as a slick side-scroller, an alien fever dream that retains its ability to stun over 20 years on.

On the other there was Paul Cuisset, a softly spoken veteran who channeled an obsession with cinema into his work. Adventure games such as Future Wars were obvious benefactors of a taste for pulpy film, while Operation Stealth's love of spy cinema was big enough for US Gold to haphazardly slap the James Bond licence on it. For his next game, US Gold would give Cuisset access to one of the most coveted properties in cinema.

"US Gold approached us at that time, and they had The Godfather license," Cuisset explains over a crackly phone line to Paris. "They wanted to make a game with this. So we started thinking about porting the story to the future. But we went quite far into the future - so far that finally they told us that the game was absolutely not The Godfather. But it was a good game, so..."

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