The Xbox Onesie is finally available to all … Xbox Avatars


The limited edition garment was only available in Australia.

Remember the super limited edition Xbox Onesie available only in Australia? Well, now all Xbox users can get one for free.

The catch is that the free Xbox Onesie is for your Xbox Avatar. The Onesie is designed to look like the real deal and is available in Black and White, men and women varieties.


Store links:

Xbox Onesie – Women (Black)

Xbox Onesie – Women (White)

Xbox Onesie – Men (Black)

Xbox Onesie – Men (White)

The Xbox Onesie for real people features enlarged pockets for your controller, an arm pouch, rollable legs, forearm grips, an extra large hood, and your Gamertag embroidered to the garment. Sadly it appears the Onesie won't be coming to additional territories.

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