This week on Outside Xbox



May 4, 2013

Welcome to another week's worth of highlights from Outside Xbox. The video site that says "Hey, Xbox fans, we don't count as television because we're on YouTube, right?"

In Show of the Week we examine everyone's favourite eccentric, crime-fighting billionaire. No, not Iron Man. The other one. Batman. With Batman: Arkham Origins' plot based on the depth of DC's rogues' gallery, this week's show looks at the villains we do and don't want in Warner Montreal's take on Arkham.

In keeping with the theme of Batman villains, we've taken our cues from Two-Face in the aftermath of the Xbox One reveal. On the positive side, anyone concerned that the Xbox One isn't a games machine need only consider these 17 games confirmed for the console. No rumours, no maybes - just stuff that is definitely, officially coming.

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