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Trion Hit By Massive Layoffs

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by creaky, May 19, 2013.

  1. creaky

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    Trion Worlds has been hit by layoffs. IGN sources suggest that well over half the company has been let go, with some suggesting numbers as high as 80%. (Update: Trion tells us these numbers are "exaggerated," and we've reached out for more information regarding the extent of the layoffs.)

    The San Diego studio -- where development of MMO Defiance took place -- is said to have been hit the hardest. A source suggests that employees are being escorted out of the building and that senior leaders from various Trion teams may not receive severance due to "undelivered services." (Update: A Trion representative calls both of these claims "100% false.") Another source tells us the layoffs were at all studios, "mostly Defiance support staff and dev staff" and that "team members and team leads for teams responsible for multiple projects, not just Defiance specific, have been laid off." In other words, "teams that provide game generic responsibilities and services have been let go."

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