Tropes vs Women in Video Games: Why It Matters


May 4, 2013
Video games are more important than ever before. They’re travelling further, they’re making more money, they’re reaching more people and they’re telling us more stories. Their influence upon society is more significant than it has ever been and this is why one of the most important video game Kickstarters of last year wasn’t a video game itself, but something that set out to examine the medium, taking a close and critical look at the characters that games portray and the tales that they tell.

Last summer, amid all its indie experiments and old-school revivals, the crowdfunding website played host to Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, which aimed to raise just $6,000 to fund a video series examining how games depict women. Its creator was the feminist and critic Anita Sarkeesian, and these videos would become the next season of Feminist Frequency, an ongoing web series that “explores representations of women in pop culture such as TV shows, movies, comic books and video games.”

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