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Turns out Kevin Conroy is working on Batman: Arkham Origins after all

Discussion in 'PS3' started by creaky, May 21, 2013.

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    UPDATE 2: Prominent voice actors Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker will be handling the roles of Batman and the Joker respectively in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins, Joystiq has reported.

    Smith is best known for his work as Assassin's Creed co-leading man Ezio Auditore, though he also voiced Chris Redfield in several Resident Evil games, and Sonic in many of the blue hedgehogs latest titles (including Wreck-It Ralph).

    Baker, meanwhile, is the voice of BioShock Infinite's leading man Booker DeWitt, as well as Jake Muller in Resident Evil 6, and Joel in the upcoming The Last of Us. Hilariously, Baker was the voice of Batman in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, meaning he'll have voiced both Batman and the Joker at one point or another, while in Batman: Arkham City he did the voices for both Robin and Two-Face. Sheesh!


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