Unplugging Kinect doesnt improve performance


May 4, 2013
When Microsoft announced they had improved Xbox One's performance by opening up reserved memory seems to have caused some confusion with users. Despite a reported 10% performance increase without the Kinect user unplugging their Kinect will not see any improvement.

The confusion arose recently, with Microsoft’s latest software update that frees up memory and resources previously reserved for Kinect. What this means is that developers can now use those resources in any way they see fit, including a graphics boost, higher frame rate, better models or simply shorter loading times in some cases.

This doesn't mean that simply unplugging your Kinect will give you the same performance boost, the changes are aimed at developers who will need to implement them in the game. Even with the changes you cans till use your Kinect for voice commands and other features, the resources reserved for body tracking and graphics processing will be freed up.

We know of a few games that will take advantage of this change such as Sunset Overdrive and Destiny, until these games hit the market Kinect wont affect performance either way.