What's New in the Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer


May 4, 2013
The latest Grand Theft Auto V trailer - released today - reveals a few things we've never seen before, as well as showing what we already knew about in action.

Having throroughly introduced GTA V's three protagonists in the previous trailer series, Rockstar evidently wants to use this gameplay trailer to show how it all fits together when you play. Character switching was shown off both on- and off-mission: during heists, you can switch between Michael, Franklin and Trevor instantly, but off-mission the game zooms out to a map of Los Santos and then zooms back in on whatever they happen to be doing (we see Michael interrupted at the end of a bike ride with his habitually ungrateful son). We saw a snippet of a skyscaper heist first talked about last year, with Trevor in a helicopter and Michael rappelling down the sheer glass walls of the building, and a jewellery store heist that offers an element of choice: feed gas through the vents and go in quietly, or go for a good old-fashioned stick-up.

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