Will a 'Major game' come free with Xbox One?


May 4, 2013
As the Xbox One edges slowly towards launch, and into a fierce battle with the PlayStation 4, Microsoft may be looking to give away a free 'major game' to boost sales, at least in Europe. The deal, which may eventually cover the US and other parts of the world, would be worth around £50 in the UK if sold separately, and form the christmas lineup for a major studio.

CVG's sources have revealed that the title will be a "unique Xbox One exclusive" and the announcement is being reserved for Gamescon, where executive Phil Spencer may make the reveal. Whatever the game is, it will certainly help to move consoles, if the rumor pans out.

Microsoft has made deals with a variety of publishers for exclusive game releases and even DLC, in the form of Battlefield 4 add-ons, in the past. The console is expected to be launched in November, however there have been delays in some European markets, meaning that it will only be available in 13 countries, instead of the originally planned 21 at launch.

We are now left to speculate on what the free game could be. Fifa 14 is a possibility, but so is Halo 5, which is also expected to be announced at Gamescon.

Source: CVG