Wind Waker-esque platformer A Hat in Time soars on Kickstarter


May 4, 2013

Last November I wrote about indie developer Jonas Kærlev's gorgeous cel-shaded platformer, A Hat in Time, and now the stylish adventure has its own Kickstarter that's more than doubled its modest $30,000 goal in two days.

A Hat in Time follows the exploits of Hat Kid, a girl who can use her spiffy magical hat for time travel. Hopping around the fourth dimension, she needs to collect several shattered time pieces before the villainous Mustache Girl can use them for evil.

When I spoke to Kærlev in November, he explained that A Hat in Time would have combat, but the focus of the game would still be on exploration, traversal, and puzzle solving. Aiding in these activities is your nifty umbrella, which doubles as a hookshot, pogo stick, and propeller. Penguin, eat your heart out!

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