Wizorb - Ouya review


May 4, 2013

There are some ideas so ludicrous, yet so strangely perfect, that you wonder why nobody thought of them before. Case in point: why not squeeze a JRPG into Breakout? That's what Wizorb does, and the result is quite wonderful.

You play as Cyrus, a wizard who boasts the uncanny ability to transform himself into a tiny bouncing ball. In this form, his wand becomes a paddle and you can use it to ping him around the screen, clearing blocks and bad guys by bouncing off them. True to arcade classics like Arkanoid, some blocks drop power-ups and coins, and one of the first skills you'll need to master is judging when it's safe to dash across the screen and when to let them fall rather than lose a life.

Your wizardly ways mean that you have a couple of special powers that make your task slightly easier. You can shoot fireballs directly up the screen, or add a fire effect to the ball to make it more destructive. You can also summon gusts of wind that can reverse the direction of the ball in flight. There's also the option to teleport the ball before launching it, placing it in a specific place on screen, which really helps to clear those last annoying blocks tucked away in hard-to-bounce areas.

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