Xbox 360 Getting Time Warner Cable App


May 4, 2013
Xbox Live Gold members will be able to watch live episodes of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and other hit shows starting later this summer through the upcoming Time Warner Cable app for the Xbox 360. Announced today by Microsoft, the "landmark deal" lets Time Warner Cable subscribers stream up to 300 shows from AMC, BBC World News, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, and others. And if using your controller is just too much work, you can control the app with voice commands using Kinect.

The addition of Time Warner Cable extends the Xbox 360's television offerings beyond the already-available Verizon FiOS TV, ESPN, and Comcast Xfinity apps, just to name a few. It has not been said if the app will eventually be available for the Xbox One, although Microsoft already has a plan for live television on their upcoming console.

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