Xbox One can play CDs and is DLNA compatible


May 4, 2013
Sony released an extensive FAQ on the upcoming PlayStation 4 earlier this week and it showed that the next generation game console won't be able to play any CDs. The PS4 also won't support streaming content from a DLNA enabled device. These are features that are supported with Sony's current PS3 console.

Now the Penny Arcade Report has confirmed, via a Microsoft statement, that the company's Xbox One console will in fact play audio CDs and will be DLNA compatible. The story adds that the DLNA support for the console is still in the process of being certified. You may remember that Microsoft had previously confirmed that the Xbox One would not serve as a native Windows Media Center Extender, but the news that it will support DLNA does mean that the console will be able to stream content from other DLNA devices.

The PS4 FAQ also said that the console won't support the playback of MP3 files. Microsoft apparently won't allow Xbox One owners to import MP3 files directly to the console, but it will support streaming of music files from Play To devices like a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 PC.

Source: Penny Arcade Report