Xbox One finally gets digital pre-order capabilities, limited selection leaves room for improvement


May 4, 2013
Microsoft took to the stage earlier today to announce a plethora of new features coming to the Xbox One at the Gamescon 2013 event in Germany.

One of the announcements is the ability to pre-order digital games. The feature is very easy to use: You give Microsoft access to charge your debit/credit card the day the game becomes available and it will automatically download the game for you. Thus, there is no need to drive to your local game store and obtain the disc to play the game the moment it is released or to manually select the game from a menu and wait for it to download. Unfortunately it's not as good as it seems... yet.

Unfortunately there are only 2 games that have been announced that you can pre-order which are Forza Horizon and FIFA 15 but the company did say that others will be available in the future.

We had hoped for more titles to be included in the program from the start, the fact that this capability is now available is a good sign for Xbox One gamers who have been asking for the feature since the console was released.