Xbox One owners can register for Titanfall alpha



May 4, 2013
Xbox One owners will not only be able to purchase a limited edition Titanfall controller, but today it was revealed that a select few will be picked to participate in an alpha test for the highly anticipated first person shooter.

Emails were sent out by developer Respawn Entertainment to some gamers, according to this NeoGAF message board post. The emails were thankfully not a phishing scam but rather provided a link to the official Titanfall website, where people with an active account to Electronic Arts' Origin service can sign up to be considered for the Titanfall alpha test.

This early build will apparently be for Xbox One owners only (Titanfall will also be released for the Xbox 360 and PC). So far, there's no word on how many people will be picked for the alpha test nor are there any gameplay details.

The full version of Titanfall, which will be released on March 11th, will be a multiplayer online only game as gamers take control of "pilots" on foot that can also get inside 25-foot tall mech-like machines called Titans. Respawn Entertainment will support up to 12 players in a match but will also throw in some elements like AI-controlled characters and chatter that are normally found in single player games.

Did you see the invite and delete it? If so, check your trash can and see if it's still available!

Source: Titafall website via NeoGAF
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