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Xbox One to get "Expanded Resources" feature with Fall Creators update

Microsoft has had a distinct developer focus for Xbox of late. From the launch of "world's most powerful console" that allowed creators to use up to 9GB of GDDR5 RAM to allowing anyone to become a creator with the "Xbox Live Creators program". It has also seen enormous success in the independent games department courtesy of ID@Xbox. Now, with the Fall Creators Update, the Redmond company will be rolling out a new feature for the Xbox One specifically with developers in mind.

The Expanded Resources feature will give developers access to 6 exclusive cores, 5 GB of RAM and full access to the GPU. Earlier, UWP apps and Xbox games could run side-by-side, but in a restricted environment that granted 1GB RAM for an app/game running in the foreground, 2-4 shared cores and access to 45% of the GPU.

Developers of UWP apps and games (such as Fallout Shelter), ID@Xbox games, and games created through the Xbox Live Creators program can take full advantage of the upcoming functionality. However, it is important to note that only D3D12-based (Direct3D 12) UWP games get access to the full power of the GPU.


Source: Windows Blogs via Neowin