Xbox One won't offer sharing of game videos on Facebook or YouTube at launch


May 4, 2013
Microsoft has been hyping up its Game DVR feature in the upcoming Xbox One for a while. The idea is that when you play a game, the console will then automatically start recording the last five minutes of gameplay to its hard drive. Microsoft has said in the past that footage could then be shared with others on social networks.

Now it appears that game sharing feature won't be fully implemented before the launch of the Xbox One on November 22nd. In a feature on Destructoid, Microsoft Xbox executive Albert Penello stated in a demo of the console's features that video game sharing will only work over the internal Xbox Live service at first. However, he added that sharing videos directly to Facebook and YouTube will be added sometime in 2014.

Microsoft has already said that the Xbox One will also support external video capture devices, which should allow gamers to take videos and post them on YouTube and other locations. The video streaming service has also announced it will allow Xbox One owners to stream game matches to its service but it's not clear if that will happen before launch.


Source: Destructoid | Image via Microsoft