Xbox One's UI and Snap mode gets filmed in new video clip


May 4, 2013
Microsoft released an official look at the dashboard of the Xbox One a few days ago, but that video clip was a simulation and even Microsoft team members later admitted there were elements in that video that were not representative of how it works in the real world.

This week, the Gameon Daily website managed to get their hands on an Xbox One hardware SDK and filmed a quick clip from a monitor that showed a real world version of the consoles UI, concentrating on its Snap mode feature. Basically, the video shows how you can play the upcoming Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct and then use the Snap mode to bring up the console's version of Internet Explorer so it can run side-by-side with the game. You could, in theory, look up information about a game in IE while playing the game at the same time.

While this latest clip is from the Xbox One SDK and not from an actual retail box, it's still offers a good idea of how the Snap mode feature could be very useful. Microsoft is still planning to launch their next generation console on November 22nd in 13 markets.

Source: Gameon Daily on YouTube