Xbox System Update - June 2020


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Microsoft has issued its June Xbox One firmware update, adding some notable features for sorting through your game subscriptions and club memberships. It's available to download now.

According to the June update notes on the Xbox blog, the update packs three key features. The first is an overlay to your game tile icons, so you can quickly tell the source of a game download. A small badge in the bottom-left of the tile shows if it's from Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, or EA Access. Microsoft says that this should help players decide which ones to keep downloaded locally when you start to run out of space, and the blog suggests more of these overlays will be coming in the future.

Similarly, you'll be able to tell at a glance whether a Club is an official one run by the developer itself. Verified clubs will be noted with a small white checkmark next to its name, similar to verified accounts on Twitter.


Finally, just in case you lose track of your own memberships, your Gamertag will get a badge to highlight your Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. And if a new member joins Game Pass, the content block will be automatically added to the top of their dashboard to help them discover library content.

The next-gen Xbox Series X isn't expected to get a different dashboard from Xbox One at launch. As always these updates are partly due to feedback from Xbox Insiders. If you want to put future features through their paces, you can join the Insider program.

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