You Can Finally Delete Your Steam Games Permanently



May 4, 2013
Adding a game to your Steam library has, in the past, been a permanent process. You didn't need to have it installed, but every one of your games would always be displayed while scrolling through your full library. Last year, Valve added the ability to "hide" games, but they remained lurking in the background, mocking you with their awfulness (perhaps housed inside a category named "Ugh," if you're anything like me). That no longer needs to be the case, as Valve has quietly introduced the ability to permanently delete a game from your account.

It's unclear when it was added, but NeoGAF member Enter the Dragon Punch recently found the option hiding in Steam's Help section. From there, just select the "Games, Software, etc." option, search for the game you want to remove, and then choose "I want to permanently remove this game from my account."

That page will then confirm that you do indeed want to delete the game, and warns that you should uninstall the game first if you currently have it installed. If you don't, you'll have to manually remove the files from outside of Steam.

Some will undoubtedly find the function useless, as this amounts to throwing a game in the trash that was located inside a limitless room. Others will be glad to finally have a way to never again be reminded about that mistake of a purchase.