You can now buy an annual subscription for Xbox Game Pass


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Microsoft is apparently providing fans with a cheaper long-term offering for its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, giving gamers the option to buy a 12-month subscription for just $99.99. The change was spotted by Richard Hay, but it's unclear exactly how long the option has been there.

As of right now, the option isn't visible on our test devices when visiting the Xbox website from a computer, so it could be that it's only available for those who subscribe to the service using the Xbox One right now. There's also been no formal announcement of the new option so far, so it could be that Microsoft is still testing the waters.

The Xbox Game Pass was introduced over one year ago and it has since expanded to more markets and received plenty of new titles. Perhaps due to its growth in popularity, Microsoft today gave the service its own tab on the Xbox One system interface, making it much easier to access.

The current monthly subscription costs $9.99, which adds up to almost $20 more than the cost of the annual subscription over the course of a year, so the new option should definitely be welcome for those who plan to keep using the service for longer periods of time.

Source: You can now buy an annual subscription for Xbox Game Pass

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