Your Destiny Character Will Stay With You for 10 Years


May 4, 2013
Given that Bungie has a ten-year, Lord of the Rings-sized plan for Destiny, fans may be happy to learn that the developer has now confirmed that your existing Guardian will be with you until the end.

You will never need to make a new character or switch to another one with expansions like The Taken King or whatever is coming next.

Destiny engineering lead Luke Timmins explained to GamesRadar that Bungie recognizes players have made significant time and monetary investments in their characters.

"We certainly take it seriously that Destiny is a ten-year thing," he said. "It's a long-term thing and with these adventures that we're adding my contract to you--and any player--is that your Guardian will always be there. We're going to keep adding new stuff for you to do and I'd hope you'll look at The Taken King and be like, 'I'm looking forward to logging on again and hooking friends online.'"

The Taken King is Destiny's next expansion. The $40 add-on arrives in September and has a lot to offer, including some strong story elements, GameSpot's Alex Newhouse wrote in an E3 preview.

Looking beyond The Taken King, Bungie recently said that Destiny has a huge amount of untapped potential, and that work had begun on an "upcoming title" in the Destiny universe.

Source: Your Destiny Character Will Stay With You for 10 Years - GameSpot

Fathis Crowe

Jul 26, 2015
That is such a great idea/feature.. Guild Wars was the first game I've seen do this, but I'm glad other games are following the trend.

It's a good trend! lol