"You've been chosen," declares mystery BioWare trailer - more at Gamescom


May 4, 2013
BioWare's new IP will be announced at Gamescom in August, if a new live action teaser trailer and website are any indication. The video shows a man in a hoodtop fleeing in terror down a corridor full of abandoned bicycles. Then he approaches a car and sees himself behind the wheel. And then his face turns into a big ball of light. Is this some kind of statement about fossil fuels, BioWare?

"You've Been Chosen," observes the blurb, explaining that "the time is near" and "they are watching" and "your power is rising". Deep. US Gamer speculates that Fallen London developer Failbetter is involved with the project, while Eurogamer points to a mysterious Alternate Reality Game that involves missing people and fake academic institutions.

According to a BioWare docu-trailer from E3, the new game is set in "an entirely new fictional world that is constantly changing." Not long now till we find out exactly what that amounts to.

A user over on VG247 has noticed that the thumbnail for the Youtube video is labelled "ShadowRealms_Teaser_video". As reported by AllGamesBeta, EA registered a "Shadow Realms" trademark back in March. The plot! It thickens!

Source: News: "You've been chosen," declares mystery BioWare trailer - more at Gamescom - OXM UK